About Us


We're on a mission to reduce luxury industry's waste problem and make quality clothing accessible for everyone. We recycle the left-over fabrics and materials from the dresses and produce other accessories such as pillow cases and scrunchies etc. We want our customers to pay for the things that count: craftsmanship, quality, sustainability. As a digital-first brand, we offer everything directly to our customers, hence, we are able to offer sustainable handmade clothing at affordable prices. 


Our design-process is carried out in Paris, France and is driven by 'quality fabric first' approach because we believe that no ingenious design can be brought to life without exceptional and sustainable raw materials. 


Our Pilot collection is handmade by highly-skilled Indian artisans in our atelier in New Delhi. The Silk fabric for this collection was sourced from local textile villages in India. Therefore, everything we produce is part of a limited edition, making it extra special.