Cancellation, Exchange, Return & Refund

Cancellation, Exchange, Return & Refund

Cancellation, Exchange & Return and Refund Policies


Refund Policy


We, Maison Candelé, are a small, bootstrapped, privately-owned fashion house finding our feet in the world of fashion and technology. Our artisans (not contractors, not factories and not middlemen) are trained by our very own team - and we pay them fairly and at speed. We offer each and every artisan a career path to improve their skills and techniques, which we try to use in our various designs so they are paid well. Every step - from design, to pattern making and even to picking and packing - is carried out by our Maison Candelé family. Every piece is handcrafted by our team and made-to-order requiring 7-14 business days, or if there is any stock item that we create with shelf life in our own warehouse, it is very short. We believe this is the way forward for a greener, more sustainable and more personal future in fashion. Hence, whilst we want to offer great return experiences like the fashion e-commerce kings of Revolve, Net-a-porter and Sense (which we admire and try to learn from) - we apologize but we have to take some economic realities into account for our refund policy. Shipping from our HQ in Paris to the US or Asia alone is EUR35.

Hence, to address the elephant in the room, we do NOT accept any requests for a full refund unless in the event of Faulty Goods, especially in the event that the customer does not know it is a pre-order item which we clearly state in the product page at the start of the item description just right below the Add to Cart Button. We hope this transparency helps you to make an informed buying decision.

Help us make you look great! Please feel free to reach out to us first if you are unsure of your measurements and size fit, or if you want to make sure the style fits you, or find out what fabric the item is made of, or if you want to know accurate lead times to receive the item - our team will try and give you the best information with the right photos and videos! Also, if you need it earlier for a special event, we can try our best to expedite the process as well.

We believe this approach helps you make better purchasing decisions and reduces issues for exchanges  - and ultimately, with less shipping back and forth between our HQ in Paris, FR and you, makes the world a greener place.  

Lastly, we know this is not ideal for you as a customer, we always welcome feedback and look for solutions fom our small team to improve your purchasing experience at Maison Candelé. A few things we are working on - we are in the midst of integrating a streamlined returns solution, and we are working with a SaaS company to deliver better sizing recommendations. Should you do business with us, we trust you'll find out more about our caring Maison Candelé family :)




Cancellation Policy


For all orders  (Standard, Pre-Order and Made-to-order) 

Should you decide to cancel your order, please reach out to us as quickly as possible via email at only (Please note our hours of operation are Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm (CEST). Whilst we cannot guarantee your order can be cancelled, order cancellation or modification requests are handled on a case-by-case basis. Please note once an order has reached a certain point in processing it cannot be modified or cancelled. Once the order has been shipped, it cannot be modified or cancelled. 


Exchange & Return Policy 


While we at Maison Candelé try our best to present to you our design pieces, occasionally, purchases may not be what you imagined it to be. If for any reason you would like to exchange or return your item/s, they can be returned for a credit note of the same value of your returned items or in exchange for other design pieces available on . Please note certain items, as stated in their respective product page, will not be eligible for any exchange and return. 

We apologize in advance for the multiple steps and guidelines involved in the Exchange and Return process as they are designed to protect both you, our dear customers, and Maison Candelé. Please reach us via email at and our team will guide you through the process step-by-step – please quote your order number and reason for return in order for us to process the return efficiently and swiftly. 

Exchange and Returns are to be handled on a case-by-case basis provided that all the process and guidelines outlined below are strictly observed:

- If you would like to return or exchange an item purchased on our website, please contact us for a return authorization within 7 business days from date of delivery receipt. Once the return or exchange is approved, our team will send you an Exchange or Return Approval. Please note receipt of Exchange or Return Approval is not a guarantee of successful exchange or return yet.

Within 7 business days of you receiving the Exchange or Return Approval, please ship back the item/s to Stolen Stores HQ. Please do keep and share with us the proof of shipping (tracking number, receipt of payment for shipping etc.) to confirm the item has been shipped within 7 business days. In the event the item/s are not shipped out within 7 business days of you receiving the Exchange or Return Approval, the item/s will not be eligible for Exchange or Return (for clarity, eligibility for Exchange or Returns are considered based on the date you ship the item/s to us and not when we actually receive the item/s)

- Upon Maison Candelé ’s receipt of the item/s, our team will inspect the item/s to ensure the guidelines of our return policy are met. Upon confirmation by our team that the guidelines have been met and item/s are eligible for Exchange or Return, we will send you an Exchange or Return Confirmation. Receipt of Exchange or Return Confirmation is guarantee of a successful exchange or return. From the moment Maison Candelé HQ receives your Exchange or Return item/s, the confirmation process will take approximately 1-3 business days.

- Once we have sent your Exchange or Return Confirmation:

For exchange item/s : We will ship out your item/s within approximately 1-3 business days (Please see shipping policy above for more details). In the event the exchange item/s are unavailable, this may take longer and we will notify you the approximate date when the item can be shipped out

For return item/s : We will issue a credit note of the same value of your returned items within 7 business days.

- Please follow our team’s guide on the Exchange or Return process accurately to ensure your exchange or return request is eligible (this includes shipping confirmations, taking clear pictures of the items prior to shipping out etc.)

- The item/s must be in original condition, with all tags still attached and returned in the original packaging. 

Please be sure to take care when trying on garments, as we do not accept garments that have makeup marks, stains and/or smell of perfume or body odour. 

- Item/s must not have been worn, washed or altered in any way.

- Due to hygiene purposes, we will not accept swimwear or under garments for returns or exchanges

- Item/s must arrive safely at Maison Candelé HQ. If the package does not reach us safely we will not be able to process your return. 

- All Maison Candelé shipping policies and processes will apply for exchange items


 Exchange or Return Costs

- Exchange or Return costs are at your expense and are neither covered nor reimbursed by Maison Candelé.  These costs will be charged to you prior to Maison Candelé shipping your requested exchange item or deducted off the credit note amount.

- The exchange or return costs include but are not limited to:

(i) the return shipping cost charged by the international courier for delivery from Customer to Maison Candelé HQ; 

(ii) the inbound International Customs, Duties & Tax payment cost as a result of return shipping from Customer to Maison Candelé HQ;

(iii) In the case of exchange item, the shipping cost charged by the international courier for delivery of exchange item from Maison Candelé HQ to Customer; 

(iv) In the case of exchange item, the potential inbound International Customs, Duties & Tax payment cost as a result of delivery shipping from Maison Candelé HQ to Customer;

- Please note that in the event that your original order qualifies for free international express shipping (EUR35 in value) and your item/s has been returned for a credit note, EUR35 would be deducted off the credit note amount

- We recommend sending with a postal service with tracking to avoid any issues. Similarly, we understand that some international postage can be costly, hence, we do not expect express shipping on returns (eligibility for Exchange or Returns are considered based on the date you ship the item/s to us and not when we actually receive the item/s)

- Please ensure that you send us clear details of when and how your item/s will arrive. If item/s are uncollected from our side as a result of these details not being provided, Maison Candelé will not be responsible for the return package expenses charged back to the customer.

- Maison Candelé reserves the rights to deny any item/s that aren’t returned in their original condition, without the tag attached or smelling of body odour/perfume, marks/stains or any other reasons that do not meet our return policy requirements and without written approval. The item/s will be returned to the customer at their expense.


Exchange or Return for Made-to-order Orders

Please note for customized/personalized items, we will not be able to accept returns or exchanges and sale is considered final except in the event of faulty items.


Sale Items

Please note that all sales of Sale Items (those displaying a reduced price) are final. No exchange, credit note or refund will be offered against sale purchases and the conditions set out in the Exchange and Return policy will not apply.


Faulty Goods

Maison Candelé strive for perfect workmanship and our delivery process. While we make every effort to check your purchases thoroughly for any faults before dispatching, we occasionally make mistakes and will definitely look to make up to you for that. Please feel free to return the faulty item to us (yes, this includes all sale items). You may reach out to us via email at and our team will take you through the return process. Please note all processes and guidelines for Exchange or Return Policy will also have to be adhered to by the customer.

Upon our receipt of the faulty item and further investigation, we will provide you a credit note to be used on our website. In the event of faulty goods, we will also be responsible for all shipping costs, international customs duties and taxes of the returned item/s.

If any items delivered to you were faulty upon delivery, please take a picture of the faulty item in order for us to assess the faulty item/s. We will require this to be used to compare with our internal quality control database. Please note all items returned as faulty will be inspected on receipt and any items deemed to be subject to fair wear and tear will not be accepted as faulty. Similarly, we cannot accept responsibility for garments that have been damaged during washing if our wash instructions have not been followed.

Please note as part of our quality control process, we take photos of each and every item before it is shipped to you. In the event a customer claims for faulty goods, we will check your claims against the photos we had taken during our quality control process. Should the customer's evidence for faulty goods not match with our photos, Maison Candelé reserves the right to refuse and reject any claims for Faulty Goods, Exchanges, Returns or Refunds.